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TAYS is the IT system services partner that strengthens, modernizes, optimizes and protects technology systems to help its customers achieve the best results.

Equipped with the specialized skills, experience, and collaborative approach vital to solving complex challenges, TAYS delivers technology solutions that drive operational efficiencies and advance desired outcomes. From building IT infrastructure strategies, to advancing systems and security through unique software engineering and cybersecurity solutions, or creatively harnessing data for essential insights, TAYS sustains the legacy systems while bringing in the new, without disruption.

Cyber Security


TAYS delivers advanced cyber capabilities to protect the most valuable organizational assets. Our solutions and services ensure a strong defense strategy and mature cybersecurity posture. We provide an experienced team of cyber experts to transform how you defend against an ever-evolving threat landscape.

  • Vulnerability and Threat Assessments

  • Continuous Monitoring

  • Incident Response

  • Risk and Compliance Management

  • Identity and Access Management

  • Network and Endpoint security

  • Cyber Analytics

  • Application Security

Software Engineering


TAYS provides advanced agile software development methodologies combined with DevOps for continuous integration, delivery, and sustainment of IT solutions. Our experienced team of technical professionals can help organizations of any size adapt to a scaled agile framework through agile coaching and use of emerging technologies. Our approach delivers transformative digital solutions that modernize legacy applications. We can rapidly develop, test and deploy production quality code.

  • Agile Transformation and Devops

  • QA and Automation testing

  • Application Modernization

IT Infrastructure


We help organizations focus on investing in the right technology that creates a positive earned value. We keep individual users productive so organizations can experience seamless day-to-day operations. Our strategic approach provides organizations with guidance on improving digital services to thrive within the fast-paced, ever-changing world of technology.

  • LAN and Desktop Support

  • Systems Development & Integration

  • Database Management

  • Virtualization and Cloud  



Our enterprise data strategy enables organizations to make effective decisions that impact the bottom line. Our data experts and technologists provide best-in-class analytics and predictive modeling solutions. We have proven experience in helping organizations gain the insights they need to identify risks, make better-informed decisions and take decisive action to optimize performance.

  • Data Management

  • Data Science and Modeling  

  • Data Architecture

  • Data Analytics and Visualization


Social Security Administration

Social Security Administration (SSA) Information Technology Support Services Contract (ITSCC) - Subcontractor

TAYS performs as a subcontractor on this contract to support the SSA’s transformation initiatives and IT systems modernization efforts in the areas of lifecycle activities for software improvement, database and data administration, software engineering and management support and systems administration and security.


GSA Multiple Award Schedule (GSA MAS) - IT Services

Contract #: 47QTCA20D00AA
SIN: 54151S


Social Security Administration

Social Security Administration (SSA) Systems Information Technology Support (SITS) - Subcontractor

TAYS performs as a subcontractor on this contract to provide information technology (IT) support services, including, but not limited to, SSA’s Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) in support of SSA’s mission critical goals and objectives, especially those activities related to the continued and expanded use of IT products and services. The primary customers of these services are SSA component offices responsible for the maintenance, development, and evolution of the agency’s information technology and telecommunications capabilities, as well as other offices that perform programmatic functions.

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Who We Are

TAYS helps government organizations realize their full potential through software engineering, IT infrastructure, cybersecurity, and data analysis.


6340 Security Boulevard, Suite 100

Baltimore, Maryland 21207

(410) 657-5601

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